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Anne McCue – Blue Sky Thinkin’

2015 Flying Machine Records

Fishtank Ensemble – Edge of the World

2014 Fishtank Records

The Elkcloner

2012 EMI Music

Debut album of EMMY nominated NYC composer/producer (and Djordje’s friend since they were teenagers) Filip Mitrovic (scored music for Resident Evil: Afterlife, The Echo, True Blood). Djordje played upright bass on Filip’s original tune (lyrics: Edgar Allan Poe) Annabel Lee. Filip also recorded/produced vocals for the upcoming Atomic Sunset album.

Helm & Phil Thornton – Tribal Spirit

2011 Helm

The creator of American Tribal Style Belly Dance and founder of FatChanceBellyDance, Carolena Nericcio, brought together Helm’s traditional folkloric music for tribal belly dance and Phil Thornton’s modern world fusion sound. Helm invited Djordje to join them on bass on the songs F’il Waha and Dive Nakela.

Live at KDHX Volume 9 – Various Artists

2011 KDHX Records

KDHX Community Media has been supporting independent artists in Saint Louis MO since the late 1960′s (with the early incarnation of the radio – KDNA). They put out a compilation recorded live in 2010 at their Magnolia Avenue Studios. This CD has 22 exclusive performances by artists such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Ozomatli, Midlake etc. Djordje’s band Fishtank Ensemble performed their single Woman in Sin.

Beats Antique – Blind Threshold

2010 Antique Records

Beats Antique has been dominating club and festival scene with their experimental world fusion bellydance electronica. Djordje joined Zoe Jakes, David Satori, Tommy Cappel and brought his unique slap bass style on the song Vardo, many bellydancers’ favorite.

Muse Melodic – Various Artists

2010 Fat Chance Belly Dance

An album of bellydance songs compiled by Kristine Adams and released by Carolena Nericcio and FatChanceBellyDance. Djordje plays bass on the song Kakore Ja with Helm.

Wild Target – Soundtrack

2010 Phantasm Imports

Soundtrack for a British comedy/thriller Wild Target with Rupert Everett, Emily Blunt and Rupert Grint. Djordje played with his band Fishtank Ensemble a Romanian Gypsy style tune Face the Dragon. This tune was taken from their album Samurai over Serbia and it has a long slap bass solo. Other artists on the soundtrack are London Metropolitan Orchestra, Imelda May, Rupert Everett etc.

Fishtank Ensemble – 45 vinyl

2010 Fishtank Records

The songs that Fishtank Ensemble traditionally plays for their encore are available only on this vinyl release. Their versions of Romanian Ciocarlia and Serbian Mesecina and Ciganka sam mala vowed the audiences and rocked the venues all over the world. Get this limited edition 45 and find out why!

Fishtank Ensemble – Woman in Sin

2010 Fishtank Records

Third album of the band and the first one that features Djordje on upright bass on all the songs and on lead vocals on a couple, Opa Opa and Zvezda tera meseca (Kolo Suite). It also introduces him as a composer (Djordje’s Rachenitza) and arranger. This CD has some of the best Djordje’s playing up to date, from his slap bass solos on Nedim, Djordje’s Rachenitza, Woman in Sin to New Orleans style bowed one on Cou Cou and jazzy pizzicato After You’ve Gone.

Rupa & the April Fishes – Este Mundo

2009 Cumbancha Records

The 2nd album of San Francisco based doctor/rockstar Rupa Marya. Djordje toured with her band the April Fishes in 2008 and recorded bass on this melange of ska, reggae, French chanson à texte, Columbia cumbia and Indian ragas. His bass can be heard on songs Por la frontera, La linea, Culpa de la luna, L’éléphant and Espero la luna. Note the drums and slap bass solo dialogue on Por la frontera.

World Music from Serbia – Various Artists

2009 WMAS Records

Various artists CD that came out as a gift with the annual special number of the magazine Etnoumlje. It presents some of the best contemporary bands on the Serbian World music scene including Shira Utfila, Milos Petrovic, Naked, Vlada Maricic, Moba etc. This is 2nd time where Djordje is presented as a solo artist. He invited some of the best Bay Area musicians (Dan Cantrell on accordion, Gregory Masaki Jenkins on clarinet and Sean Tergis on percussions) to record on his original song Ceklin.

Kal – Radio Romanista

2009 Asphalt Tango Records (B-92)

Successful collaboration between Djordje and Kal continues on their 2nd release for Asphalt Tango as well. Djordje played bass on the songs Krasnokalipsa, I’m Gypsy and Radio Romanista. Krasnokalipsa also features one of the most prominent Serbian hip hop stars Marchelo. The video for this song can be seen here.

Marcelo – Treca strana medalje

2008 Multimedia Records

Third album of one of the biggest stars on Serbian hip hop scene. Djordje played bass on a song Krasnokalipsa (featuring Kal). The version on this album is different than on Kal’s Radio Romanista. The video for this single can be seen (Djordje is not in the video, just on the recording) here. Other guest artists on the album are Wikluh Sky, Dr Dra, Marko Milivojevic etc.

Shira Utfila – Sephardic Songs from the Balkans

2008 Orange World Records

Sort of Shira Utfila’s Best Of album. It’s a compilation released by Orange World Records for Poland. Djordje plays bass, sings back vocals and produced the songs from the album At Thy Gates Oh Jerusalem: Ir me kero madre, Yaala yaala boi le gani, Mi kamoha, Oud taqsim, Anda mi amigo, Taqsim qanun and Entre las guertas.

Kiosk – Global Zoo

2008 Bamahang Productions

Pragmatism e Eshghi, Charkhesh e Pooch
upright bass

Srbija Sounds Global – All Stars

2008 B92

Djordje’s Rachenitza (with Djordje Stijepovic band)
upright bass, composing, arranging

Balkan Music Club – Live in Belgrade 1999

2008 WMAS Records

upright bass

Fishtank Ensemble – Live at Strings

2008 Estradasphere (digital download only)

upright bass, lead and back vocals

Atomic Sunset – Hot Rods & Pin-Ups

2007 Ceklin Music (Warner Brothers/Mascom)

upright bass, lead vocals, composing, arrangement

Fishtank Ensemble – Samurai Over Serbia

2007 Fishtank Records

Saraiman, Turkish March, Face the Dragon (Made in LA), Ezraoul, Samurai over Serbia, Extremely Large Congenial Romanian (except the version on the first print)
upright bass

Kal – Kal

2006 Asphalt Tango Records (B-92)

Duj duj, Dvojka, Lili, Komedija (feat Rambo Amadeus), Djelem djelem, Papusha, Boro Boro, Obrenovac Boogie, Tu Barosa, Midnight Walk
upright bass

Music For Life – Winter Concert

2005 Music for Life

Afternoon Glow, 5000ft and Up
upright bass

Grandpa Candys – Captain Crash

2004 Active Time

My One Desire, Psycho in New Orleans 2003
upright bass

Shira Utfila – At thy Gates O Jerusalem

2003 PGP-RTS

upright bass, vocals, arrangement, production

Srbija Sounds Global 2 – Various Artists

2003 B-92

Pastirska melodija i dva kola (with Marsya) – non-album version
upright bass

Marsya – Visoko drvo

2003 PGP-RTS

upright bass, arranging

Giga Mix 2 – Various Artists

2002 PGP-RTS

Zig-Zag Jack (with Havana Whisper)
upright bass, arrangement

Sofine2 – Colors

2002 Ammonite

You (feat Havana Whisper)
upright bass, arrangement

Havana Whisper – Flammable

2002 PGP-RTS

upright bass, arrangement

Shira Utfila – Nagila Alleluia

2001 Self

upright bass

Specijalno vaspitanje – Specijalno vaspitanje

1997 Lothlorien

Possibly the most underrated album in the history of Serbian rock music. It was recorded in the worst time for music in Serbia and never got properly released. Even it talks about many hard social subjects it has significant amount of hope. Djordje played bass on Ja nisam tu and sang back vocals on Beograd 1993.

Mister Blue – Sa druge strane ogledala

1997 Self

This album marks the end of the neo rockabilly scene in Serbia. Jovandeka (Grandpa Candys, Rock Therapy) invited Djordje, Drazen Skaric (Atomic Sunset, Havana Whisper), Veljko Veselinovic (Vera Kvark) and made the album during very hard times in Serbia. The liner note says that Djordje was a band member but he played just on 2 songs Glavna cura and Lijepe zene (check out the video with Djordje here).

Music from the Workshop – From Dvorak to Chick Corea

1997 ClassicYU

These are first officially released recordings with Djordje on the bass. Djordje was still a teenager on this album. He played on four jazz tracks arranged by Zvonimir Tot: Voda zvira, Body and Soul, 500 Miles High and Who Shot the Guitarist.

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