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“Slap Bassist to the Gods!”
-Mark Rubin, Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine

“Possibly the Best Upright Bass Player out there today? Djordje eats bass strings as spaghetti…with no sauce!”
-Orlando Rios, Rockabilly Magazine

“probably the best and most intense slap bass player in the world”
-Betsey Bruner, Arizona Daily Sun

”Djordje is the KING of the Bull Fiddle!!!”
-Drake Bell, Instagram

“Serbian transplant Djordje Stijepovic is one of the world’s premier upright slap bass players and ambassadors.”
-Jimmy Leslie, Bass Player Magazine

-Oliver Baroni (The Hillbilly Moon Explosion), Official Facebook

“Needless to say, Djordje STOLE the entire show and was the STAR of the entire evening!!! In my estimate, he is the most BADASS bass player on the PLANET! He took bass playing to a whole other level of artform — even spinning the bass like a swirling top!! At one point he even played the bass while lying down on his back!!! What an incredible athletic performance that was original and all his own!!”
-Sue Wong, Sue Wong Official Facebook

“I could also tell you how Stijepovic’s bass accompaniment…will make you think he’s channeling Charlie Mingus and how he can also play slap bass in a way that you’ve never heard before…”
-Richard Marcus, SeattlePi

“Beyond being a fine fellow, Djordje also happens to be the best “slap” style upright bassist I’ve ever encountered, either in person or on record. He’s got skills and techniques that simply boggle my mind.”
-Mark Rubin, Chasing the Fat Man

“He is probably one of the best slap-bass players around. From jamming with street musicians on the pavements of New Orleans to trading licks with Slim Jim Phantom of Stray Cats and Lemmy of Motorhead, he has performed and toured around the world more than most musicians nowadays.”
-Sasha Mircov, Bturn

“The best upright bass player I had ever seen”
-Sonny Burgess, XM Satellite Radio

“Djordje Stijepovic has such a mastery of slap technique and history that he’s been able to apply it in many new ways”
-Greg Olwell, The Art of Slap Bass

“Djordje Stijepovic, who gives a new meaning to a highly-energized performance, turning an otherwise bassist performance into experiential art.”
-Sue Wong, Sue Wong Official Facebook

“He’s one of the starters of the Serbian world music scene, having played with bands Balkan Music Club, Marsya, Shira U’tfila and Kal…he’s considered as one of the best slap style double bass players in the world.”
-Oliver Djordjevic, Etnoumlje

“The band includes standup bassist Djordje Stijepovic, a Serb who is often touted as the world’s finest slap bassist and who has also played with former members of the Stray Cats as well as metal icon Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead.”
-Ryan Heinsius, Flagstaff Live

“He is probably one of the best young double bass players in Serbia, maybe even farther. One thing is for sure though, finding himself within all musical emanations, Djordje Stijepovic is one of those artists whose time is just about to come…”
-Jelena Bulic, Belgrade Life (New Times)

“You need a super-solid bass player as the foundation, and Djordje is just impeccable. He breathed new life into Fishtank Ensemble’s songs with the power he projects. When he goes from plucking to slapping, he just elevates the music. There’s almost a sense of danger, as if everything could go spinning out of control into a train wreck.”
-Andrew Gilbert, San Francisco Chronicle

“If definitive sign of success is that you receive recognition from well known world stars and got accepted as their own, Djordje Stijepovic already reached it. Still his plans go even further…”
-Milos Ristic, Ana

“Upright bassist extraordinaire defies borders and limits with new album.”
-Orlando Rios, Rockabilly Magazine

“Sometimes is even few minutes enough to recognize a truly creative musician who’s able to break stylistic boundaries. That was the case last month…when crazy Djordje Stijepovic’s solo brought huge ovations in the audience and in between his colleagues musicians on the stage.
Stijepovic’s music path is interesting because of his interest in different music genres, his will to question musical cannons and to challenge himself in something completely new and fresh.”
-Nikola Markovic, B92

“If you had a chance to see rockabilly swing band Havana Whisper live, you had to notice the bassist Djordje Stijepovic and his attractive look and stage presence. Because of the variety of his music interests and parallel realization of completely different projects, Djordje deserves to be featured.”
-Milos Ristic, Ana

“Djordje Stijepovic with the bass in his hand…is an interesting guy with no doubt!”
-Zorica Kojic, Danas

“Stijepovic’s rockabilly-style slap-bass work gives the music a pulse that also brings an “attitude”. It really pumps up the energy more. It’s for people who want to dance and have a good time, and that deep low beat is like the thump of the heart. Without him, people would tend to just sit and listen to the band more, but when Djordje starts in with the rockabilly style, it becomes more of a party.”
-Kevin Ransom, Ann Arbor Entertainment

“Young band with an upright bassist that will one day set the stage on fire with his notes and motions, for sure…”
-Super Teen

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